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M.ono, is a DJ and producer based in Leipzig, Germany. He is one of the founders of Rose Records which was formed in 2011 as an imprint founded by five friends who believe in the message of disco, the cheese of the 80s, the warmth of house music and everything else made with love. Outside of Rose Records, he has released music on labels like Heist Recordings, Razor N Tape, Suol, Night Grooves, Tenth Circle, Brown Eyed Boyz and Afin.



M.ono is a producer with which we have been familiar with for many years, ever since the emergence of the highly sought after 'Easydance' EP he has been regarded amidst high acclaim from house heads the world over. His own music is diverse and intricate, often deep and luxurious. His new album on Rose Records, the first LP from the Leipzig based label and artist is titled ``Spritti Moments``

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