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Pablo Contraband

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Pablo Contraband (aka Paul Budd) had been playing House and Techno for many years, but has met greater success since turning his attention to Funk, Soul and Disco and implementing these styles into his sets too.

He has stuck to his guns defining himself as a DJ first and foremost with little interest in full blown production. He has a keen ear for new music and a passion for trawling vintage house and disco, often researching playlists from decades gone by looking for lost classics and hidden treasures. This attitude has served him well with a constantly busy diary and enviable bookings regularly coming his way.

He established The Unity Agency in 2012 and continues to run the company.


  • 08/07/2022 ○ Private Booking ○ Pelham House ○ ,

  • 09/07/2022 ○ Private Booking ○ ○ ,

  • 16/07/2022 ○ Private Booking ○ Newhaven Fort ○ Newhaven, United Kingdom

  • 23/07/2022 ○ Standon Calling ○ Groove Garden Stage @ Standon Calling Festival ○ Ware,

  • 30/07/2022 ○ Private Booking ○ The Grand Brighton ○ East Sussex,

  • 13/08/2022 ○ Disco Deviant ○ Gote Farm ○ Ringmer, Lewes, United Kingdom

  • 20/08/2022 ○ Private Booking ○ Pekes Manor ○ Sussex,

  • 02/09/2022 ○ Festival TBA ○ ○ ,


Pablo Contraband, DJ and founder of the Disco Deviant blog and DJ bookers’ The Unity Agency, thinks it is all about a return to the music’s original eclectic spirit. The resurgence lies in dance music’s move to a slower, more sinuous bassline. Struggling for a definition, Contraband finally says: ‘I think “groove-led” is quite a good way to think about nu disco. It’s a funny one to define as I’m not sure where the term popped up from in the first place. Probably a music journalist.’

M Magazine

‘What happened with me was the dance scene suddenly became so minimal back in 2004, and electro and funky house just sounded so dated and contrived to me,’ reveals Contraband. ‘I think in the past few years the net has widened and more of the Chicago and acid house influences are being incorporated, as well as some more experimental and forward thinking productions.’

M Magazine
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