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Third Attempt

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Third Attempt is 23 year old Torje Fagertun Spilde, self taught composer, producer
and DJ. Originally from Asker, Norway, he is now firmly established in the
Norwegian electronica-scene. Based in Oslo/Tromsø. His current project infuses his own field recordings with rhythms to create atmospheric dreamscapes. With
influences from jazz, ambient, trip hop and house, Torje has a distinctive, uplifting
style that will enthral you on the dance floor. In April 2021 he released his newest
album on Beatservice Records, titled “Beats From The Quarantine”.

In his performances, Third Attempt enhances the musical experience by projecting
moving images that match the music, making it an unique and recognisable
experience. Equally fitting for a seated concert as for a club gig.

Acclaimed internationally by some of the biggest names in the game. His newest
album turns moments of worry, uncertainty and isolation into something uplifting
and warm-hearted. Beats From The Quarantine’ finds Torje doing what he does best, i.e. pushing low-slung trip-hop joints and reframed disco blends on a loungey tip.

His previous LP “World is Too Loud” was critically acclaimed internationally, and
is also a direct showcase of his versatile style.

(Photo credit: Mats Gangvik and Jamie Michael Bivard)


  • 10/09/2022 ○ Jamm ○ Brixton Jamm ○ Brixton, London,

  • 17/09/2022 ○ Locomotive Disco ○ Oslo ○ London, United Kingdom


His music contains a hefty amount of soul, a live human touch that constantly reminds us throughout his works, be it the fantastic variations between chordal progressions, the spectrum of beats that never fails to impress, and the tender moments that provide the listener with a second to pause and reflect within a sea of enriching music.

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