5th February 2020

WSHOM Speak to Mixmag about the infamous Glasgow ‘afters’ scene

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“EVIL BASTARDS!”: Why a Tabloid Storm won’t crush Glasgows’s Famous ‘Afters’ Scene

“Widely regarded as being among the city’s finest young electronic talent, they believed the newspaper exposé had brought their professional lives to an end on the Monday after it happened. By the Tuesday, however, they’d been offered a deal by the booking agency which reps Late Nite Tuff Guy”
– Mixmag
Mixmag speak to We Should Hang Out More about the famous Glasgow after’s scene and the rise and fall of Checkmate. Also discussed in the interview is the 3am curfew in Glasgow, the fight between afterparties and tabloids and how WSHOM got to where they are now. Check out the article using the link below:


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